• Concert Stage
  • Seating
  • Jugnoo Balls
  • Cirlce bench
  • Town Hall Oxford
  • Tub chairs
  • Outdoor Lighting


Let there be light

Noorani Events are proud to announce the launch of our new range of furniture and décor, Jugnoo. Illuminated, multi-coloured seating, furniture and décor that will instantly transform any space creating a completely unique atmosphere and ambiance.

Be it a chill out area, out door furniture for a late night party or a funky mehndi stage, Jugnoo will ensure your guests are amazed by what awaits them at your event. All items in the range can display 16 different colours and as they run off pre charged batteries, the potential locations are endless.

In addition to Jugnoo, lighting and effects such us our wireless RGB up-lights, gobo projectors, sky searcher lights, silk flames, disco lights and LED star-cloths can be used to totally transform the look and feel of your chosen venue.

Call us on 01865 688 316 or 07515515814 to discuss your requirements.
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